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                Jiangsu Yong Ji Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. has been committed to the vanguard Chinese sulfuric acid industry, is a professional manufacture of non-standard equipment, sewage treatment, medicine, fine chemical and environmental protection equipment installation of sulfuric acid system by means of modern star enterprise. The specific business items are as follows:
        1, pyrite acid 20-400kt/a turnkey turnkey project.
        2, sulfur acid 20-1000kt/a turnkey turnkey project.
        3, non-ferrous metal smelting flue acid acid turnkey turnkey project.
        4, gypsum, waste acid cracking and hydrogen sulfide acid turnkey turnkey project.
        5, phosphoric acid, phosphate and compound fertilizer complete turnkey project.
        6,high gas speed efficient wet electrostatic precipitator (mist eliminator) manufacturing and installation works.
        7, wet desulfurization (denitration) tail gas dust removal (fog removal) deep purification project.



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