Quality Assurance

Strictly in accordance with the ISO9001-2008 international quality system for management, has a strong technical strength and development team

In order to ensure that your equipment normal operation, our company has a full-time professional after-sales service team, guidance equipment installation and debugging and other elaborate work, to you of the purchased equipment, our company can perform the whole service for you……
My company can provide free training for users, on-site operators, free users to provide technical advice, technical training, answer questions related to the product.
After receiving the user's information about the quality of the product (incoming telegram, letter, Email or oral notice), in time to solve the equipment problems in the production process in time, to ensure the normal operation of equipment.
Please assist our company to improve the service profile of the equipment after service, and our company can visit the customers in various ways at any time. In order for you to buy the equipment running more stable, the user operator, please fill in equipment running records, operation, maintenance, maintenance according to operating instructions.
Our company firmly establishes the user is the idea of god, everything is for the user's consideration, the prompt, earnest, the prestige, utmost to make the user satisfied.
The quality issues arising from the equipment have been contracted by our company. Throughout the warranty &; The quality assurance department is responsible for after-sales service.