About Us

A modern enterprise specializing in the manufacture and installation of non-standard equipment for sulfuric acid system devices and environmental protection devices, sewage treatment, medicine, fine chemicals and other devices

Customer priority. Meeting the interests of customers is the premise of our common interests for sustainable development. Maintain the interests of all parties to balance, so that enterprises, shareholders, customers, employees, collaborators, the interests of all parties to the community to the greatest satisfaction.
Sense of worth:
The company's value is derived from the knowledge, capital and labor elements on the basis of high-quality staff; contribution, ability, responsibility and work attitude, objective and fair and sustainable development of the principle of value distribution; distribution according to capital and the way of using the combination of distribution according to work, distribution to realize the value of development opportunities, authority, wages and bonuses equity, bonuses and other benefits form.
Good companies foster and attract good employees, and good employees can make our company grow better. We strive to create conditions for excellence to emerge.
Employing principle:
The ability of both, with the director.
Management view:
Management objectives: make the best use;
Management principles: scientific decision-making, authoritative implementation, and institutionalized management;
Management points: scientific planning, rigorous procedural control;
Competition view:
Competition is the key to long-term vitality of an enterprise;
Provide fair competition opportunities and adopt a fair selection criteria.