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Structure and working principle of desulfurization tower

At present, environmental problems are becoming more and more serious. Desulfurization equipment is the main means for sulfur dioxide treatment. Today, let's talk about the structure and working principle of the desulfurization tower of the desulfurization equipment.
Due to different manufacturers, the internal structure of the desulfurization tower is different. The general desulfurization tower is mainly divided into three parts: spray layer, whitening layer and demisting layer.
1. Spray layer
The spray layer is mainly composed of spray pipes and spray heads. The desulfurized liquid containing LH dust removal catalyst in the circulation tank enters the spray layer under the action of slurry pump. The sodium hydroxide in the desulfurized liquid and sulfur dioxide in the flue gas react to form sodium sulfite, which is sprayed by the spray heads and comes into countercurrent contact with the flue gas.
2. Whitening layer
The whitening layer is composed of cooling tower and cooling pipeline. The flue gas enters the whitening layer, and the cooling device in the whitening layer lowers the temperature of the flue gas, so that the water vapor in the flue gas liquefies in advance and flows downstream along the inner wall of the desulfurization tower into the desulfurization circulation system, so as to achieve the purpose of whitening.
3. Demist layer
The flue gas enters the demister of a part of the desulfurization tower from bottom to top, and the demister removes the fog in the flue gas. The purified flue gas is discharged from the chimney.
The above is the internal structure and working principle of the desulfurization tower in the intelligent integrated equipment for desulfurization and dust removal. If you want to know more about air pollution control, please leave a message below.